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AllHerLuv – Futa Rx – Cadence Lux, Kenna James

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MissaX AllHerLuv

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Includes: Kenna James, Cadence Lux, Missa as the Psychiatrist, and futa creampie.Kenna James, born a lesbian, is in love with her best friend, Cadence Lux. The problem is that Cadence is taken, and she’s straight! Kenna pines over Cadence as the seasons melt into years, and she burns with jealousy when she’s around Cadence’s boyfriend. Kenna lays with her friend on the cold November ground waiting for the meteor shower. She wished on the falling stars to be the perfect woman for Cadence, to have the right equipment to turn her on, and just then her clit began to enlarge. Kenna’s forehead began to sweat, her heartbeat began to race, she felt her clit pulsate, stretch, and form into something monstrous, a thick, long, beautiful cock. Kenna looked at Cadence with hungry eyes, tonight is the night, Cadence will be hers.

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GirlonGirl Lesbian KennaJames Strap-on CadenceLux

Release Date:

07 Feb 2021



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