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MissaX – The Gentleman pt. 2 – Bree Daniels, Zac Wild


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AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Drama AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Director (Feature) – Missa X AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Screenplay – Missa X AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Leading Actor – Zac Wild AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Leading Actress – Lacy Lennon AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Chad White AVN 2020 Nominee – Best Supporting Actress – Kira Noir XBIZ 2020 Nominee – Best Movie – Erotic-theme XBIZ 2020 Nominee – Best Actor – Erotic-theme – Zac Wild XBIZ 2020 Nominee – Best Actress – Erotic-theme – Mona Wales XBIZ 2020 Nominee – Best Screenplay – Missa X XBIZ 2020 Nominee – Best B/G Sex – Erotic-theme – Zac/MonaTwo women have passed from the house across from Zac Wild, and the house is marked so low that a new young lady is moving in. Zac’s eyes narrow as he observes her from a distance. “Turn around,” the ghost of Kristen Scott warns him. “I’m just going to say hello,” Zac explains to the wind and the trees.Bree Daniels is a teacher who is having difficulties with her husband. She’s suspected that he’s having an affair with a woman from work, and can not prove it, but has given him an ultimatum. ‘We move, or I move on my own and start over without you.’ She is ahead of her husband as he wraps up things in their old city. She picks up a box of books, they’re heavy, she struggles to carry it in the house. Zac sees her, introduces himself, and carries the box inside for her. She’s grateful for his help, and asks him if he knows of a pizza place nearby. He explains that there aren’t any restaurants in their woods of rural Wisconsin, but since he is going into town later on in the day, he can pick one up for her while she settles in. “What luck to have found you,” she thanks him and he comes back with the pizza and their attraction for each other build.While the two are at the dinner table, Bree’s phone rings, she ignores it. Zac glances at her finger and notices she’s not wearing a ring. She hesitates before telling him the intimate details of her troubles marriage, but confides in him anyway, it feels good to tell her troubles to a kind person. The ghost of Kristen is nearby and shakes her head at Zac, she knows that all he is thinking about is tightening his hands around her supple neck. “It makes your dick grow hard to think of it,” she tells him. He closes his eyes tightly. He tries to tell himself that he will not, not this one, she is different than Kristen, different than Mona. He will do better this time. He will fall in love. Bree, oh– Bree, she will be the one to help him overcome this obstacle.

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ZacWild BreeDaniels

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05 Mar 2021


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